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Bakkies Laubscher 50th Anneversary Commemorative Gasshuku

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Welcome to the official website of Sensei Bakkies Laubscher, 8th Dan, Chief Instructor of the South African Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Association (SAGA).

Junior Gasshuku

Cape Junior Gasshuku 15 September

Our last Regional Junior event of the year was held on 15 September at Honbu Do - 107 Juniors from 6 years up to 14 years old attended this event where they were introduced to some basic nunchaku techniques as well as self defence against unarmed oponents as well as against an opponent armed with a short baton or staff and ended with a Sumo wrestling traing in which all students had a chance to be in the centre!  My assistants were Sensei Vincent February, 7th Dan and an expert on short staff techniques and Sensei Gawie du Bois, 6th Dan (also a former Judo practitioner).

The event was concluded with the Regional Blue Belt grading, in which 42 candidates graded in this category.  A short  video clip of the event can be viewed at:

Local Gasshukus Cape Region

Cape Regional Adult Kyu Grade Gasshuku 29 September 2012

The last senior Kyu grade event for the year was attended by 56 adult Kyu grades and the emphasis was on Sanchin breathing Kata as well as basic yakosoku kumite 'outside the box' (encouraging the developing of reactionspeed and timing by facing unexpected attacks) with, as always,self defence as the main underlying objective.  The event concluded with the regional senior 4th Kyu grading, held on a regional basis to give all instructors an insight as to the general standard required.

Cape Senior Regional Gasshuku 12/13 October

This event was attended by 63 Brown and Black Belts and apart from a Regional Dan grading for Shodan and Nidan, it also hosts the bi-annual Regional Instructor's workshop with 18 instructors and assistant instructors where we basically 'Teach the Teachers'!


The new Dan grades together with their instructors.


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